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Are taxes keeping you awake at night? Maybe you're wondering if you should hire a tax attorney or try to represent yourself in court. Although taxpayers are allowed to represent themselves in tax court, going up against a trained IRS litigator is not a fair fight. Whether your issue involves a dispute about the facts or conflicting interpretations about what the applicable law means, you will need a professional to plead your case. Come to tax court prepared by hiring Rosado Tax Law. When Nicholas Rosado represents you, he'll ensure you get the best outcome possible in your case. As an experienced tax attorney who worked for the IRS for a number of years, he knows all of their tricks. He leverages his background with the IRS to represent businesses, corporations, and individuals in tax court.

IRS Audit Representation

Only an attorney with experience in tax resolution will be equipped to represent you when the IRS is involved. If your case has the potential to go to court, you must have someone on your side who knows how to answer your questions and walk you through the process to find a fair resolution to your tax problems.

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