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Tax Whistleblower Representation

tax whistleblower

A whistleblower who comes forward with proof of tax fraud has the potential to earn a significant reward from the IRS. To protect their legal rights and make sure they get properly compensated for their efforts, these individuals need an experienced law firm to guide their claim. Rosado Tax Law represents tax whistleblowers and helps them secure the monetary rewards they deserve.

Mr. Rosado has a unique perspective on the whistleblower program. During his time at the IRS, he worked closely with the IRS Whistleblower Office and was the attorney responsible for representing it in all cases filed in the Northwestern United States. This means he knows all of policies and procedures related to the whistleblower procedures and each different IRS functions responsible for processing whistleblower claims.

For a claim to be successful, the IRS must be able to act on the whistleblower's information and collect proceeds from the tax violation. Depending on the amount in dispute resulting from a whistleblower's information, the IRS can pay either a discretionary or mandatory award set at a percentage of the total amount collected.

If you have information related to tax underpayments, contact Rosado Tax Law for a confidential consultation. Mr. Rosado can represent you through the whistleblower process, and make sure that your claim has the best chance of success. Request your free consultation now or call 408-217-2476.